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Bulgaria is beautiful country rich in culture and history, From the idyllic peaks and valleys of the Balkan mountains to the shores of the Black Sea. Bulgaria offers experiences for all tastes from it's ancient monasteries to the metropolitan hustle and bustle of the capitol Sofia.
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  • • Bulgaria neighbors Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania.
  • • Bulgarian is the nations primary language however about a quarter of the people do speak english and a third speak Russian.
  • • Bulgaria is not a part of the Schengen Area, however they have been working towards joining and thus travelers with a current Schengen visa are allowed to stay for a period of 90 days. Non-Schengen nationals simply need their passports.
  • • While a member of the European Union Bulgaria is not a part of the eurozone and thus does not use euros as currency, to assist in planning we have included a currency converter below.

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Bulgaria is a large country in South Eastern Europe with Borders to: Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. The largest river passing through Bulgaria is the Danube, and the Iskar is the longest river entirely in Bulgaria. The Black Sea coastline covers 235 miles of the eastern edge of the country, and the largest bay on this coast is the Bourgas Bay at 41km across.

Beautiful Bulgaria

Travel to Bulgaria is very simple. The country is easily accessible via plane, train, bus and car. Flights to Sofia are regular and most of the main European carriers operate daily services to Sofia International Airport.

Bulgarian wine makers are some of the world’s best. You can enjoy a drop of some excellent organic red or white wines on one of Bulgaria’s wine tours. Bulgaria’s vast green lands make it the perfect region for producing wine. The beer and wine are all locally brewed and you can enjoy a wine tour at one of many charming vineyards.im8

im9You’ll be able to find summer holidays on Bulgaria’s beaches for a fraction of the price of most European destinations. The liveliest towns of the Black sea include the popular Varna and the tourist haven of Sunny Beach. In 2007 Bulgaria played host to 7-8 million tourists. The Bulgarian summer resorts along the Black Sea coast, include destinations, such as the summer resorts: Sozopol, Nessebur, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Albena and St. Constantine & Helena.

Bulgaria is world famous for its ski holiday resorts. To ski in Bulgaria is not only affordable but stunning too. There are ski resorts spread all over southern Bulgaria, the northern territory of the country is mostly covered by flat land.


There are so many hotels and guest houses and chalets. A funny thing about Pamporovo, for example, is that the capacity of the hotels is 3 times the capacity of the slopes (how many people it could take at once). At every skiing resort there are always very professional, patient and English speaking instructors. Package deals typically come with ski lessons which are highly recommended for beginners.

Summer resorts

The most famous Bulgarian Summer resorts are: Albena, Ahtopol, Balchik, Dyuni, Elenite, Golden Sands, Kiten , Lozenets, Nessebar, Obzor, Pomorie, Primorsko Riviera, Rusalka Sinemorets, Sozopol, St. Constantine, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach and Tsarevo.

Winter Resorts

The most famous Bulgarian Winter resorts are: Bansko, Chepelare, Borovetz, Pamporovo, Uzana and Vitosha.


Mountains for Hiking and Skiing

The following Bulgarian mountains or some of the best for hiking and skiing: Balkan Mountains, Pirin Mountains, Rila Mountains, Rhodopi Mountains, Strandzha Mountains, Sakar Mountains, Vitosha Mountains.

Sofia is an extraordinarily beautiful city serving as the capitol of the nation. Sofia is replete with important cultural landmarks and architectural monuments. Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe and for most travelers it is the gateway to the wonders of Bulgaria. Other popular Bulgarian cities worth visiting include Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Rousse, Veliko Tarnovo, and Varna on the coast.


Modern Veliko Tarnovo is a town that is museum rich in many cultural museums and monuments and all types of different preserves. It is seen to be one of the best Bulgaria attractions. Every year the town is visited by thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and from abroad. It is a prime concern of the whole nation to study and preserve the numerous historical and architectural monuments, the rich museums and the museum cultural artifacts.

Modern Veliko Tarnovo, with its modern Central Mall shopping Centre with multiplex cinemas, ten pin bowling alleys and host of stores, is in contrast to Gurko Street and Veliko Turnovo’s old parts. Arbanassi is just up the hill from Veliko Turnovo, accessed by bike (Dangerous road), on foot (Very scenic) or by car.

Air Bulgaria

Air Bulgaria is Bulgaria’s national airline carrier. The airline is a very successful company that operates flights to and from Sofia and Varna, to many top European and Middle Eastern destinations. The airline came into being in 2002 following the demise of its predecessor, Balkan Bulgarian Airlines.
Today, the airline operates international flights from the capital of Bulgaria and Varna to 28 major destinations in Europe and the Middle East. The airline works with many of the world’s airlines to provide connecting flights. It has codeshare rights with: KLM, Air France, Alitalia, Aeroflot.
All these links allow them to access the destinations offered by these airlines, as well as offering passengers of these airlines discounted routes into Bulgaria. You can charter flights to other non-regular destinations on request, and in conjunction with its partners; Air Bulgaria reaches as many as 400 destinations in cities across the world.

Customer Service

The airline’s mission statement is to offer passengers a quality service combined with traditional Bulgarian hospitality. The airline wants the Bulgarian people to be proud of the national airline and the company is continually striving to improve their service by investing in new airlines. The airline has also recently introduced an in-flight magazine for passengers as part of its mission to make Bulgarian airlines flights as comfortable as possible. For flights into Bulgaria, the food service has recently been upgraded to include more authentic Bulgarian dishes accompanied by regional wines for business and first class passengers.

Online Presence

The airline has a great website which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and it is available in both English and Cyrillic. Passengers can make online bookings and access information about their existing booking. For those people who require extra assistance with their booking, trained operators are available to chat online and offer exceptional customer service. Unlike other airlines, you can reserve seats, without payment being required at the same time. Make payments over the telephone, in person at any of the Air Bulgaria offices, or at the airport before the flight departs.

Air Bulgaria

Bulgarian accommodation pretty much offers every kind of you can think of, from cheap hostels to the most opulent 5-star hotels. The quality to price ratio isn’t as firmly set as it is in the rest of Europe, which means that you can find amazing hotels at rock bottom prices, but also that you can get charged the earth for a two-star accommodation.

Beautiful Bulgaria

Price Ranges

Budget – For a double room in the budget range you can expect to pay 50 lv (25 Euros) per person per night. Budget accommodation is usually very simple and includes private rooms, hostels and guesthouses. Normally, the less expensive lodging is without air-conditioning and with shared bathrooms. These hotels will generally be in a less desirable part of town, or quite far from the city Centre.

Mid range – A mid-range room will typically cost you up to 100 lv (50 Euros) per person per night. Choosing mid-range Bulgaria accommodation offers a much higher standard and will almost always include private bathrooms and extras such as TVs and refrigerators. The hotel will also offer simple services such as a locked safe for valuables and a taxi service to transport hubs.

Top end – Top end accommodation in Bulgaria costs as much as 2000 lv (1000 Euros) per person per night. At this point, you’re looking at the Bulgarian branches of the big luxury hotel brands, offering the usual range of swimming pools, saunas and gyms. The big resorts out in Golden Sands and Sunny Beach have suites that would rival their counterparts in any Mediterranean resort. However, away from the sea, finding high quality five star accommodation can be hard, and you can pay a lot of money for a hotel that doesn’t go above and beyond.

Located on the Balkans, eastern edge of Europe, half way between the Alps and the Mediterranean, Bulgaria’s honored with the joy of high mountains, wide valleys and the hospitable blue waters of the Black sea. That gives us a place or two to enjoy each season. Bulgaria weather in both summer (June – mid September) and winter (December – mid April) tourism are very well developed, and in spring (Mid-April – end of May) and autumn ( is September – November) you can enjoy the beauty of nature all around, and be a witness of traditional festivals and celebrations, feel and become a part of the spirit of Bulgaria.

Colorful Church


Hot Sunny Summers – When you get tired of perfecting your tan on the beach, you grab your mask and snorkel and go exploring the sea life, or take up on a water sport. If you chose the mountain, on the other hand, be careful not to get lost way out of the trails and paths, deep into the forest while picking blueberries and strawberries. When you’re tired enough of walking, relax in the mineral springs with a cocktail in your hand.

Winter – has its fascinations too. The whole country is covered with snow. Mountains are terribly attractive for passionate skiers and snowboarders; even for not so passionate beginners – if your expectations are as low as your enthusiasm – we have a ski lessons!

Autumn – oh colorful autumn! The nature changed it’s coat and you feel like you’ve been resized and put in the middle of a Merello piece of art. Need I say more!

Spring – Nature’s awakening and coming back to life. So are people, outdoor life in small villages and big cities is being reborn. The rains wash away the smell of winter and bring scent of summer blossom.