For anyone looking for a holiday with a difference, visiting Bulgaria is an excellent choice.
Located in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria has been tempting travellers with its sultry eastern European charm for many years now and although for a long time it was Europe’s best kept secret, more and more people are beginning to appreciate just how much Bulgaria has to offer.
The resorts of the Black Sea coast are perfect for a blue sky summer holiday. Instead of spending far too much money on the Spanish Costa del Sol, in these times of economic hardship it makes much more sense to visit Bulgaria and enjoy more value for money.
The magic of Bulgaria is that it has an incredibly diverse range of attractions. From thousands of years of history to modern skiing and beach resorts, Bulgaria has something for everyone. It is an incredibly beautiful country featuring brooding mountains combined with lowlands to the north and southeast. It is also very accessible from Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia.
City breaks are an increasingly popular option for those looking to visit Bulgaria.
Sofia is an extraordinarily beautiful city full of important cultural landmarks and architectural monuments. Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe and for most travellers it is the gateway to the wonders of Bulgaria. Other popular Bulgaria cities worth visiting include Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Rousse,Veliko Tarnovo, and Varna on the coast.
Travel Bulgaria is very simple. The country is easily accessible via plane, train, bus and car. Flights to Sofia are regular and most of the main European carriers operate daily services to Sofia International Airport.
Trains to Sofia operate from many of the major European cities including Bucharest, Vienna and Istanbul. Buses also travel to Sofia from most large European cities, although this will be a very long and convoluted way of reaching Bulgaria.
Driving to Bulgaria is an option and you can travel in via Greece, Serbia or Romania.
Once you travel Bulgaria, you will never look back. The country will steal your heart, so be prepared to fall in love with Bulgaria from the moment you arrive.