Bulgarian People and Culture

Folk dances and Bulgaria music

Bulgarian people are a mix mostly of Thracian, Slavic and Bulgar cultures, but there are Byzantine, Turkish, Greek, Roma (Gypsy) and other influences.
Upon arriving, there are many certainly peculiarities to the tourist’s eye. For instance, Bulgarians shake their heads in a circular motion to say yes, and nod to mean no. This can be somewhat confusing to foreigners, so we suggest you learn the words for yes (Da) and no (Nay). The common language stems from a southern Slavic language which is written in theCyrillic alphabet (also shared by Russians).
Bulgaria people
Bulgarians by nature tend to be a bit melancholy, which may stem from years under communist Russian rule. You will almost never get a very positive response when asking someone how they are.
Bulgarian Music
Traditional music is very important in Bulgaria culture and there are many folklore festivals throughout the year. The brightly coloured national costume is worn on these occasions and it is exciting to watch them swirling round in their lively dances.
You can listen to Bulgarian music including gypsy music via the store below, or you can listen to one of Bulgaria’s all time favourite musicians Aziz

Traditional Dances
Bulgarians love to dance the Horo, which is similar to the very famous Greek “hora”. This folk dance is where people make a circular chain, and the Ruchenitsa, a lively dance of two couples.
Actually, Balkan behaviour is not dissimilar to that of a Hobbit. They too enjoy eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time.
For thirteen centuries, the Balkan land of Spartacus has given the world men of great achievements, mysterious Thracian treasures and burial tombs, magnificent frescos and many brilliant examples of ancient applied arts.
The festivals and customs date back to ancient times when men tried to appease the natural elements and trembled before their power. Full of beauty, gaiety, mystical voices, fiery dances and brightly coloured costumes – Bulgarian folklore has to be seen, felt and experienced!