Bulgarian Products

Finding an affordable Bulgarian products store online is difficult as many of the stores are in Bulgaria, which means postage costs rise sharply and very quickly. This has less of an impact on lightweight items such as books or CDs of Bulgarian music, but for the items that Bulgaria is most famous for, such as wine or pottery, it can almost be cheaper to fly to the country and pick it up in person. However, with some careful planning and shopping around it is possible to pick up your favorite Bulgarian products from authentic traders.

Popular Products

A visit to Bulgaria will leave you with a lifetime of memories and a wide array of souvenir possibilities. Sadly, it’s not possible to fit all of these into a suitcase, so many tourists track down a Bulgarian products store to send the items they couldn’t carry home. Popular souvenirs and gifts available from a Bulgarian products store include:

Wine –The same sort of warm climate in Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain benefits the coastal region of Bulgaria. As an ideal place for growing grapes, Bulgarian wine is quickly gaining recognition for its quality and value on the world market. Internationally recognized wines, such as Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and Riesling all have a Bulgarian brand. However, the country also produces Gamza, a rich red wine from the Danubian Plain, and Shiroka, another red wine with hints of cherries.

Pottery – The history of pottery in Bulgaria begins with the Thracian settlement of Bulgaria 3,000 years ago. This has evolved over the years to incorporate designs from both the Roman and Ottoman empires, as well as bearing traces of the Russian occupation in the twentieth century. Perhaps the most famous form of Bulgarian pottery comes from the town of Troyan, a center for trade in the middle of the country. Any Bulgarian products store selling Troyan pottery will buy their products direct from the artisans meaning that your piece will be unique and completely hand made.

Yoghurt – Bulgarian yoghurt, or lactobacillus Bulgaricus, is world renowned for its thick and sour taste and proven health benefits. Many online stores will offer to ship pre-made yoghurt to European buyers, but if you’re looking for a little bit more authenticity, you can buy a Bulgarian yoghurt maker along with strains of the bacteria that will turn regular milk into the thick and sour yoghurt. These starter packs tend to come freeze-dried which makes them ideal for long distance delivery.

Cutting Down the Postage

Once you’ve decided which traditional Bulgarian products to buy, the next challenge is how to import them without breaking the bank. The shipping charged by most online stores is where they make a lot of their profit, so to get around this you could:

Bulk buy – Most online stores will offer a discount if you are buying a number of their products. For this to work, you may need to contact the seller direct, which may require the help of someone fluent in Bulgarian.

Share the cost – Joining with people who are interested in buying items with you, ordering the items on one invoice and splitting the shipping cost among you is a tactic that works well with food and drink where the items are easily sorted and distributed.

Look for local suppliers – You may be able to find the same products at a store in your own country. These may be more expensive than those found in a stores based in Bulgaria as the buyers will have to pass on their own shipping costs to the consumer. You also run the risk of the items not being truly authentic.

Finding an authentic Bulgarian products store, and negotiating cost-effective means to receive your purchases, can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort to obtain the unique and quality products of Bulgaria.

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