Ski in Bulgaria

Mountain ranges for all levels – and cheap beer! Just two reasons why people choose to Ski Bulgaria

Why ski Bulgaria? Well, there are many reasons to hit to soft powder…

Need a reason to Ski Bulgaria?
Here is more than a few. Firstly, it’s cheap.
Secondly, the level of tuition is higher than the Balkan mountains, the snow is good (and it could be excellent) depending on when you go and which ski mountains you want to visit.
There are all types of ski resorts to stay in to make the perfect accommodation.
Most people from Europe come here for the cheap beer and inexpensive holiday cost, which nowadays is chasing the price of beer in the Valleys of France and St. Moritz in Switzerland, but the legend of £1 a litre is still alive.

Areas to ski
There’s ski resorts spread all over southern Bulgaria, the northern territory of the country is mostly covered by flat land.
See here for more information on bansko ski holidays.
If you want to truly ski Bulgaria, you’ll have to leave a little of your sanity at the beginning of the slopes (depending on which runs you take).
Come on be brave – Ski Bulgaria!!!!

Skiing in Bulgaria – Where to stay?
Pretty much everywhere.
There’s so many hotels and guest houses and chalets, finding accommodation is never a problem, even if you book late or don’t book at all.
A funny thing about Pamporovo, for example, is that the capacity of the hotels there is 3 times the capacity of the slopes (how many people it could take at once).
In any case, you can find more information about all different types of accommodation including chalets and ski resorts through us.

Learn to ski Bulgaria
Ski instructors in Bulgaria are the best, you see!
No, honestly, very professional, patient and most of them are nearly fluent in English. If you’re getting a package deal ski lessons come for free. Looking at it – equipment hire + lift pass + ski lessons is same price as only lift pass if you buy it yourself (not through your travel agency).
If you want to find out about tour packages please contact us.
If you are a beginner and never skied before – GO FOR A LESSON! Don’t put other people in danger on the slopes and yourself, it’s an extreme sport, it’s not like playing chess!!!
If you are an intermediate – there’s always a place for improvement. Ski lessons are not that expensive as I mentioned – you might as well do one or two on the first day, get a few advice and practice the rest of your holiday.
If you are an advanced skier – then there is a good chance that you’re better than your ski instructor, but if you don’t know the mountain – you’re as good as lost, frostbitten or fallen off a cliff (cause we all know where advanced skiers like to ski). You might as well get a mountain guide to get familiar with the terrain and routes – then ENJOY!