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Read other people’s stories about Bulgaria or share your own! We love to hear about other people’s travels and about their impressions of Bulgaria. We love to hear about your best and worst experiences, your most interesting stories and anything else you want to share.


Did you go on a honeymoon or renew your wedding vows in Bulgaria? If so, tell us all of the romantic details, such as candlelit dinner locations, secluded picnic areas and newlywed attractions. Feel free to share your less romantic experiences, so other couples know what to avoid, as well as any suggestions to help first-time travelers to Bulgaria.


If you decided to visit one of Europe’s oldest countries, filled with culture and history, let us know about your adventures. We want to feel your joy and build enthusiasm before traveling to Bulgaria. Tell us about a culinary class you took or a kayak river safari that led to a scuba-diving adventure. You might choose to mention a nature walk with goats, horseback riding through wide, open fields or your time spent on the ski slopes.


You probably thought Europe was full of ancient ruins and museums, with little entertainment for your entire family, at least until you went to Bulgaria. Share your family stories about Bulgaria, whether it involves a day at the beach, fishing off the shore or engaging in water sports. Let us know if you went Karting at Gravity Park, on the water rides at Aquapark or explored one of the 4,600 caves in Bulgaria.

Just Visiting

Catching up with family is great, especially if they live far away and you do not often have a chance to visit them. Bulgaria provides a wonderful meeting place, but it is even better if your family lives there, because then you get to experience the city like a native instead of a tourist. Relive your fun, memorable family moments by sharing them and providing helpful tips so that we can all travel like natives!


Traveling for business is no excuse not to have great stories about Bulgaria. Whether you are a soldier in the United States military stationed in Europe or the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, share your good times in Bulgaria with the rest of us! As a soldier, maybe you went mountain climbing or took it easy and did some shopping so you could return home with souvenirs for friends and family. As a stressed, busy businessperson, you probably enjoyed a massage or fine dining, but whoever you are and no matter what your experiences, feel free to share them with us so we can plan a great trip.
If you can cross Bulgaria off “your places to see” list and have any advice or stories or just want to brag, please share your travel stories about Bulgaria with us! I would love to read them and I am sure my other website visitors would find them enjoyable to read as well as informative. I look forward to hearing your stories, as I expect your trip was memorable, to say the least.


Share your stories about Bulgaria with us!

Read other peoples stories about Bulgaria, or share your own!
We love to hear about other people’s travels and about their impression of Bulgaria.

Do you have a memorable culinary experience you wish to tell us about?

We would love to hear about your best experiences and your most interesting food story….anything you’d love to share.

If you’ve been to Bulgaria and have anything at all to share with us about your holiday please share your travel stories with us also!