Travel to Bulgaria

Which airlines fly to Bulgaria from the USA ?

If you are planning a European vacation in the near future, travel to Bulgaria deserves primary consideration. Renowned for its distinct seasons, charming towns and inexpensive shopping, it recently earned the designation as one of the top ten European ski travel destinations.


Why Travel to Bulgaria

Ensure your trip is full of adventure, fun and exploration by visiting Bulgaria on your next vacation. Visitors to this region come for a variety of different reasons, although this country is most popular with tourists during the winter months when five or six major area ski resorts provide winter leisure facilities to thousands.

Despite the fact that Bulgarian weather in winter attracts the majority of the tourists to the country, the summer months offer an excellent vacation experience as well. Summer in Bulgaria is warm and pleasant, and the typically temperate climate provides the perfect setting for exploring, visiting the various towns or even spending time soaking up the sun at one of the country’s beautiful Bulgarian beaches.

Another reason that many families choose Bulgaria for their European vacation destination is the cost. The cost of living in Bulgaria is nearly 60% percent less than many other countries that surround it, including the United Kingdom. Food, services and high-class luxury accommodations are inexpensive and, typically, thousands of dollars cheaper than you would pay in other countries.
Major Attractions

When you travel to Bulgaria, you will find that this beautiful country is never at a loss to provide you with exciting places to explore and things to do. While the weather will likely influence your activity plans, you have plenty of activities from which to choose no matter what time of year it is. Some of these things include:

• Winter Sports – Snow is in great supply throughout Bulgaria during the winter months, and several major resorts in the area offer you the chance to ski Bulgaria.

• Local Celebrities – Visiting Bulgaria gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about, see and possibly interact with local celebrities, such as the famous pop star Aziz and world-renowned football player Berbatov. Check local schedules for times and dates regarding concert and sport event dates as well as other events coming to the area of your visit.

• Local History – Bulgarians have a rich history, which they are absolutely dying to share with you. While traveling, be sure to visit local museums to learn about the famous gladiator Spartacus and explore the quaint and antiquated towns to get a taste of rural tourism, including the famous Veliko Tarnovo, which boasts more than 7,000 years of history.

• Local Culture – You cannot travel to Bulgaria without experiencing the decadence that is to be had when taking in delicious authenticBulgarian food and Balkan wines. Many excellent local restaurants are available to serve you awe-inspiring dishes that come straight from the heart of the Bulgarian people and culture.


Flying to Bulgaria

The easiest way to travel to Bulgaria is definitely by plane. Residents of certain countries are currently unable to book flights straight into Bulgaria from their current location; however, for those hailing from the United States or the UK, numerous flight options are available to you.
Flying From the US

The United States has no restrictions on flights to Bulgaria, so those looking to vacation here should not have a hard time finding transportation. Most major airlines flying internationally from the United States offer flights straight into Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, while others offer layover flights in nearby countries. Contact several airlines to find the most direct and least expensive flight available to you.
Flying from the UK

Traveling to Bulgaria from the UK is a relatively simple process, as residents of this country have numerous options to choose from as far as airlines. Many popular airlines based in the UK offer direct flights into Sofia, as well as to the Varna airport, located on the east coast of the country. Some of these more popular airlines include:
• Wizz Air
• Bulgaria Air
• Lufthansa
• Austrian Airlines
• Air France
• Hungarian Airlines
• Easyjet
• Czech Airlines
• Taro
• Olympic
• Aegean
• Turkish Airlines

Contact any of these airlines by phone or online to see about flights into Bulgaria during your respective vacation schedule.

If you are planning a European vacation for yourself or your family in the near future, definitely consider travel to Bulgaria. This beautiful nation is replete with historical treasures and exciting cultural experiences for every member of your family. Talk to your travel agent to find out more about seasonal activities and experiences that you can enjoy in Bulgaria.