The secret – the perfect location

Bulgaria is located on the Balkans, eastern edge of Europe, half way between the Alps and the Mediterranean, Bulgaria’s honored with the joy of high mountains, wide valleys and the hospitable blue waters of the Black sea. That gives us a place or two to enjoy each season.

Bulgaria weather in both summer (June – mid September) and winter (December – mid April) tourism are very well developed, and in spring (Mid-April – end of May) and autumn ( is September – November) you can enjoy the beauty of nature all around, and be a witness of traditional festivals and celebrations, feel and become a part of the spirit of Bulgaria.


Hot sunny summers – When you get tired of perfecting your tan on the beach, you grab your mask and snorkel and go exploring the sea life, or take up on a water sport. If you chose the mountain, on the other hand, be careful not to get lost way out of the trails and paths, deep into the forest while picking blueberries and strawberries. When you’re tired enough of walking, relax in the mineral springs with a cocktail in your hand.

Winter – has its fascinations too. The whole country is covered with snow. Mountains are terribly attractive for passionate skiers and snowboarders; even for not so passionate beginners – if your expectations are as low as your enthusiasm – we have a ski lesson!

Autumn – oh colorful autumn! The nature changed it’s coat and you feel like you’ve been resized and put in the middle of a Merello piece of art. Need I say more?

Spring – Nature’s awakening and coming back to life. So are people, outdoor life in small villages and big cities is being reborn. The rains wash away the smell of winter and bring scent of summer blossom.